Flightpath Report

This Flightpath Report provides a projection showing how far through the framework your learners will progress by a certain future date based on objectives tagged in observations.

It is designed to show current coverage, relative to target coverage. It shows the percentage of current coverage, forecasts coverage for the rest of the year/selected dates (at current rates of coverage), and indicates if all objectives will be taught by the end of the school year or not.

This report is based on objectives covered in observations not necessarily objectives that have been attained.

What’s it for?

This is ideal to help you:

    • See if a cohort and individual learners are on track to cover the curriculum base on the objectives tagged in their observations
    • Plan intervention for learners who are not on track
    • Compare cohort coverage progress

Use this report to:

    • Compare cohorts
    • Provide early intervention information
    • Assist in identifying coverage gaps